Photo Gallery

Denis in 1936. Tom is in the background and Peter the cat is on the saddle of the bicycle.

From left to right: Denis, Billy and Tom, 1936.

Denis and Cyril, 1942.

Denis recieving his wings, Rhodesia, 16th December 1943.

Denis in Malta, November 1951.

Denis at a Mess ‘Do’. RAF Luqa, Malta, November 1951.

Denis (front row, seventh from the right) with the staff and students of the School of Maritime Reconnaissance, St Mawgan, 20th April 1955. See a close up below.

Len, Billy (holding Lens daughter) and Denis, in Farnborough.


Denis at a Mess ‘Do’, using a pipe as a prop in an attempt to look older.

Denis and the boys from the boys’ home during a visit to Scarborough.